X'LON : Mission BlockWorld




Take control of a futuristic soldier across 125 zones in this classic 80s style shoot'em up.


These levels are filled with various enemies, as well as gun emplacements, homing missiles, landmines, and swarm containers.

You can defend yourself with a gun and rocket missiles. The two weapon types are effective against different enemies. Be careful, you only have a limited supply of each, though luckily for you, there are supplies to be found. To fire your gun, press the fire button. To fire a missile, press and hold down the fire button.


When you find an upgrade pod, jump into it, and then jump again, this will give you an improved gun, and extra armour, until you reach the end of the current 25 zone section. If you decide not to use it, you will be rewarded with a bravery bonus.


Stay on a level too long and an unshootable enemy will home in on you!


This version was written and designed by Ian Campbell and Gordon Preston.

Original ZX Spectrum version was written by Raffaele Cecco (1987).

Game testing was performed by Stacy Preston and Keele Howcroft.


The game features both a personal high score table and a world high score table ... Can you be the best in the world?


Take yourself back to the 80's, and relive some classic style gaming, or just see what you missed if you're not old enough!


For an extra retro experience : pair a keyboard with your tablet ... left/right cursor keys move you about, down cursor key makes you "duck", up cursor key is jump, SPACE fires a bullet, or, press and hold SPACE to throw a grenade.


You could also connect your tablet to a TV for large screen gameplay :)


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